Developer: CFBrosGames
Release date: 2nd half 2023
Platforms: Android & iOS
Regular price: Free


Guardians Legacy is a tower defense game developed for mobile devices. This strategy game will challenge your abilities to defend your base using anything you can to get rid of your enemies. The game will have 12 levels, connected through the main story of the game, in which you’ll face different kinds of enemies, you’ll discover new guardians, you’ll unlock different powers and you’ll be able to upgrade your deffensive forces after each level.


The kingdom has been invaded, and now the king needs your help to recover it. In each level, you’ll get a village back for the kingdom. You can build different kinds of defensive towers to slay your enemies and upgrade your defenses to become more powerful. Moreover, you can deploy your guardians to fight the enemies face to face and make use of special powers which will be crucial to win each battle!

Build towers and generate gold coins

Plan when and where to build your towers up to slow down your enemies’ progress. There are four kinds of towers available, which can be upgraded during the battle. But be careful, enemies can knock them down if you don’t defend them well.

Deploy your guardians

There are two kinds of guardians, the one specialised in hand-to-hand attacks, which will delay the enemies’ progress, and the one which attacks from a distance, but whose attack is more harmful. Deploy your troops in the right moment.

Invoke powers during battle

Use the special powers strategically to tilt the balance in your favour. You will be able to severely damage your enemies, paralyze them for a short time period or heal your guardians, but take into account the cool down of these powers.

Analyze different kinds of enemies

Take into account each enemy’s weakness when deploying your towers and troops. Depending on its nature, they may be immune to some kind of attack or power, so you will need different strategies for each battle.

Check and use upgrades panel

Exchange ability points earned in each battle to upgrade your towers, guardians and special powers. A good distribution of upgrades will be totally necessary to defeat the most powerful enemies in the hardest battles.





We are LIVE on Kickstarter!

We have an ongoing campaign on Kickstarter. The first beta version of Guardians Legacy will be available spring 2023, exclusively for Kickstarter backers. Moreover, there are other tempting rewards, like early access to the game, exclusive guardians for backers and even in-game designing rewards.

You’ll find more detailed information about our campaign in Kickstarter project page.



Indie game studio based in Palencia, Spain. We are two brothers that have always been passionate about videogames, and we finally decided to step into game designing.
This is what we enjoy and this is what we want to do for a living.


David Caldelas Fernández
CEO & Founder / Project Manager / Head of Design

Juan Pablo Caldelas Fernández
CEO & Founder / Chief Technology Officer

Elena Riol
Head of Marketing / Game Design Assistant